Dating advice and shyness

01-Jan-2018 08:36

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Talk about the social situations that worry them most, and brainstorm ways they might make themselves feel more comfortable.Don't, however, turn into your child's social director.Don't criticise your child's choice of friends, even if they only have a couple or you think their friends are nerdy.So long as they're happy, remind yourself that popularity isn't really important.Your interference will only signal that you lack faith in them. Admonishments such as "Don't be shy" or "try to be more popular" aren't going to do your child any good or be well received, since they'll hear them as criticisms and can alter their behaviour only so much.Remember, as much as you might wish it for your child, being popular is not a goal you want to dangle in front of them.

Or they may be a little less mature than their peer group - maybe they don't want to read the same magazines or talk about who's dating whom.Childhood friendships often develop by chance: the child who lives next door is about your child's age, or they hook up with someone who attends the same after-school club.

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