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27-Sep-2017 06:44

However Indians choose to meet, date and marry, one thing is clear.

As an Indian woman, you my friend, are an uneducated racist misogynist.

Once a potential mate is found, and before the daughter has had a chance to meet this person, the parents will assess the situation first.

Indian parents (with children of marrying age) usually find a suitor for their child through word of mouth and/or through an ad placed in the newspaper.

Growing up in a suburb in New York that consisted of mostly white, black and Hispanic kids in school, being Indian felt lonely and confusing.

None of my friends could relate to the pressures I had at home, or understand what my parents considered to be "normal".

I would always ask myself, what am I doing with a person who disapproves of me so much? The so-called Indian cultural norms from my childhood that had held me down for so long were't serving me.Established inthe site is primarily oriented toward Indian singles looking to get married.But if the parents approved of their children boyfriend or girlfriend, they would not arranging marriage for them. As a matter of fact, even if that woman lost her virginity to him it would still be highly frowned upon to marry her. Unfortunately, many Indian men who sleep with their girlfriends still hope to marry a virgin. Both men and women can benefit from understanding these cultural differences before going on that first date.If the parents seem pleased with all they have learned through a thorough investigation of education, career and skin complexion (the lighter the better! After a limited amount of interactions (usually less than a handful), a decision will be made to move forward with a marriage, or to start the entire process over with a new potential mate.

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It is typical for Indian parents to be overbearing, and I found my parent's overbearing parenting strategy to be very defeating as a first-generation Indian daughter.As I began to grow up, I developed anxiety when it came to dating.

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