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Some of the monkeys were still even holding onto the papers.” For the last two years, a junta government has ruled Thailand and activists have boldly defied the military, pushing publicly for a return to an egalitarian way of life.The government has enacted a law forbidding criticism either for or against the proposed referendum.Balaji's upcoming comedy caper ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3’ is expected to soak audience with its naughty flavour this monsoon.It is said that the film will hit the big screens in September 2015; while the exact date is yet to be finalised.


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Speaking on the opportunity to direct a comedy for Balaji, he said, "It is a hilarious script, in the same space as the earlier two films but with a fresh mad story line.There resides a significant cluster of macaque monkeys, who generally don’t get involved with politics, but a few days ago made their mysterious intentions known.