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Because census tracts are based on population, they vary in size depending on the density of settlement.

Perhaps declaring her love for him is just one more way for Veronica to break away from their legacy—even as she pushes to become a more active partner in the family business.

(As Toni Topaz puts it to Betty, “misogyny dies hard.”) But after Penny Peabody’s threat to hurt Betty, Jughead has decided that Betty will be safer if they break up—and he intends to make their split permanent this time. ’s writers were quick to reunite Betty and Jug last time they separated, but their road back to each other could take much longer this time.

Perhaps it’ll even take long enough for Jughead to actually explore things with Toni, who cut things off with him earlier this season by telling Jughead, “You’re not over Betty, and I’m not interested in being anybody’s rebound.” Or maybe Toni is destined to find love with Cheryl Blossom.

It’s starting to look very possible—and, if Veronica ever found out, that might put a dent in an already occasionally bumpy friendship. P., it appears he’s staying in the Serpents after all—a clear breach of his parole that could easily come back to bite him.

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Jughead will obviously try and find a way to help his father, but he’s already gotten his family in pretty deep trouble with Penny. So far, he’s proven he’s got a knack for that, so I’ll put my guess down as “yes.”But perhaps the most fascinating moment of the episode was that aborted-massage scene between Cheryl and her favorite Pussycat.

The CW series’s ratings spiked during its second season, thanks to new fans who discovered Season 1 on Netflix over the summer. That’s to be expected for any buzzy young soap, and the show’s Season 2 viewership has also remained steadily above the numbers posted for Season 1.