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20-Sep-2017 05:08

I still keep in a little bit of contact with these people.

So I’m contemplating moving back to Toronto or figuring out a way to start doing something in the culinary field in America.

Friday also saw the infamous White Diamonds Party at the host hotel The Riviera.

Plus, we’ve got red carpet pics of The Real L Word, from the first two seasons and the upcoming third season, plus comics Fortune Feimster, Gloria Bigelow and Karen Williams, web stars like Nicole Pacent and Dalila Ali Rajah and more.

Deanna Soukiasian is an artist, musician, and writer for Acentric Magazine.

Born and raised in the Greater Boston area she is a classic over reactor, and feminist killjoy who enjoys iced coffee in the winter.

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And on this tour we’ve actually seen people that said, “Oh, we saw you at the Cyndi Lauper Show! Their crowd is all like crazy 14-to-35 year olds ‘cause back in the day we would listen to them. I think if we took a break and branched out and did our own thing, I would imagine that coming back to the music would be different. I think if we’re gonna tour again I’d really like to do it in a bus – a band in a trailer is like really hard.She was there drinking pints and doing shots with sunglasses inside the bar. Flash forward one year later, we start a band with Adrienne Lloyd, our bass player. We went from Toronto to New York with her, and after a couple years – of course – people grow and she left the band, and then we had a new bass player start, Vero Sanchez.With her we did [an American reality television series about the daily lives of different groups of lesbians] and we had another girl, Somer, who we were just kinda co-writing with and she came in at the right time. I was totally intimidated by her, because girls are always intimidated by other way cooler girls.

But I did walk into a bar…and I got to have a talk with Laura Petracca, the drummer/Goddess of Hunter Valentine.Kiyomi has a lot of different music and writing and it just doesn’t fit the sound of Hunter Valentine, and it makes the most sense for her to go solo.