Xp recent documents not updating

09-Dec-2017 10:29

This one enables/disables the tracking of recently opened documents where as the above setting controls whether the list should be shown in the Start menu or not.

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What does not display is the "Recent Documents" list that normally appears when you click the "Recent" fly-out menu in the drop-down.

The post have been updated over 100 times according to my wordpress revisions, first update in January 2011.

This article was originally built from my experience with HP branded Brocade SAN Switches – not with any other OEM or pure Brocade switches.

(I think, but am not certain, that that is what Jefferson was referring to as the "Recent tab.") Is that correct?

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I wonder if there is some odd setting under Trusted Documents or Trusted Locations (in the Trust Center) that could be disabling the MRU function. Your understanding of the problem is absolutely correct.

Recent Items list can be added to/deleted from start menu by configuring the group policy ‘Remove recent items menu from Start Menu’.